Why Bin?

I am running for Mayor of Novi because I want to bring more transparency to the Mayor's office. Novi is a growing and thriving community. We are diverse in industry as well as in people. I too was born and raised in Novi and have always considered this my home. I have a long background in being responsible for the safety and lives for the people in this country. I have also put myself on the line for the safety of the people.

I believe government is for the people and must be accountable to the people. Transparency in government shows the public that those who are accountable for your decisions are visible to the people. Novi currently does not have open Mayor's office hours and no longer distributes the monthly Novi newsletter, which allows residents to get a closer look at the city expenses. Therefore, I will reinstate monthly Mayor office hours and the Novi newsletter. Transparency and fair government will be the two most important issues in my administration.

Who am I?

Novi is a family orientated city. As a born resident, I moved back to support my retired parents and family members. I have always been community orientated by participating in local events and sports. As a youth, I participated in the Odyssey of the Mind and won State Champion in 1994. I also wrestled for four years in High School.

I left Novi to pursue other interests such as serving in the military and earning my degree in engineering. In the United States Marine Corps, I was a radio operator for an elite recon unit that specialized with light armored vehicles. I was deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I served in a unit that was specifically tasked to rebuild the Iraqi Army for them to regain control of their country. During this time, I led several combat missions that resulted in forfeiture of several enemy munitions and safe houses.

After my tour with the Marines ended, I earned my degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. I started to work with the Department of Defense as an independent contractor for the Electronic System Center located at Hanscom Air Force. I assisted in implementing an air defense system to support NORAD defend this country from air born attacks. Service and protection for my country has always been a top priority for me.

I now currently work at Ford Motor Company as a Computer Aided Design Engineer, developing their new electric car models. I have always been interested in science and the development of new technology. Being back to my home town, I can now give back to my community for what it has given me. And as Mayor, I promise to always serve my city as I have served my country.