Hello, my name is Bin Qamruzzaman, and I am running for Mayor of Novi. I was born and raised in this city, graduated from Novi High School and then joined the Marines. I spent five years in the service, which includes one combat tour in Iraq for a year in 2005. After the service, I earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering and then began working for the Department of Defense. I assisted in implementing an Air Defense System to support NORAD in protecting our country from an air born attack.

I moved back to Novi and began working for Ford Motor Company. I got involved into local politics to give back to my community. I served my country proudly, and now I want to serve my city.

On my spare time, I like to stay active in sports and play with the Michigan Rugby Football Club, based in Ann Arbor, MI. I want to promote local sports to both adults and the youth by providing them with a stable and supportive community.


My Platform

To provide open and fair government for all residents of Novi.

My Involvement

Building local community sports for both adults and youth

My History

Served as a combat vet for the U.S. Marines and contractor for the U.S. Air Force.

Your Help

Going up against an incumbent like Mayor Bob Gatt will be a challenge. I urge all of you to please support my campaign in anyway possible. Even a small donation of $20 can greatly help. If enough people donate a small amount, I will be able to raise awareness of what's happening in Novi.